Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waking Up

So, slowly but surely I'm coming out of my depression. However, my social anxiety is still pretty crappy. For some reason I can either talk to people face to face or through email/text, but talking on the phone really freaks me out! But whatever, things are getting better.
On the crappy side of things, I gave up on my thesis project on my 5th year. That protein is simply not suitable for that type of experiments and I just have to deal. But it fucking blows - 2 more fucking years here. Thankfully my new project is with a protein that knows how to behave.
Also, I'm going back home in a week! And for the first time my youngest sister is old enough to drink and drive (obviously not both at the same time!) and so now all three of us can leave our respective parents (and their dramas) at home and go chill out at the beach.
It's so weird to have my 'baby' sister grow up - but it's also very awesome. My middle sister has always been one of my best friends, and more and more so as we grew older. But the age difference was 6 years, so as soon as she hit about 16 we could, you know, talk about stuff. But my baby sister is 12 years younger than me! And in addition, we are from different marriages so we never had the opportunity to live together for very long. I have only seen my sisters sporadically the last 5 years, since I've been stuck here in grad school. And during this time she has grown up to be a pretty awesome almost-adult! I'm really, really looking forward to go back home and spend some time hanging out with them both and get to know my youngest sister better. There are few people in this life I love as much as I love them.
So here I am, waiting for the storm to get the fuck out and hoping for Spring to bring some good times.

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