Thursday, October 7, 2010

FBI rounds up corrupt police officers

"FBI agents arrested scores of Puerto Rican police officers Wednesday for allegedly aiding drug dealers in what authorities said was the national agency's largest-ever police corruption investigation."

The social fabric of the nation is incredibly broken by a corrupt, oligarchic government, one that violates people's civil rights at the drop of a hat (or, most likely, a march or a strike). It is very easy to fall into despair at seeing the nation becoming increasingly ungovernable.
So many of us have experienced abuse at the hands of the police or seen them do highly illegal stuff while hiding their badges and threatening anyone that does anything to stop or report them.
So, for all my misgivings about the federal presence on my nation, due to the decades of abuse the citizenry has suffered at their hands, I'm really happy something is being done about the blatant corruption of the Puerto Rican Police officers.

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