Thursday, February 12, 2009

WTF humanity?!

Ok humanity, we need to have a very serious conversation. I mean, I totally understand that a subset of the population is of the 'fucking assholes' persuasion but, sometimes I think that percentage has become far too large.

Welcoming News After Interwebs Hiatus:
  • The rape simulator games being sold in some sites and their supporters.
  • Racists asshats attack a pregnant woman for speaking Portuguese while in Switzerland. The woman miscarried her twins soon afterward.
  • A woman gets gang raped in Saudi Arabia. The result? She's sentenced to a hundred lashes and a year in jail for adultery.
  • 2 judges from Pennsylvania pocketed $2.6 million from bribes from some detention centers - and they sentenced tons of kids to them. Oh, they also ordered the state-run detention center closed.
Care explainin' yourself?

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