Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Science research extravaganza

I finally had enough time to go through my research rss feed. Here are the links to the posts I find the most interesting and/or important for everyday living. Enjoy!

  • Jonah Lehrer (remember cute guy pic from a recent CEFAD post - him) explains the Endowment Effect - or why I paid a ridiculous amount for a gorgeous ring I bought impulsively after my A exam.
  • The first group of Bonobos is being relocated from the Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary and into the wild!
  • Dave explains a model of how we perceive maps, directions, and finally - video games.
  • Isis's husband receives a very serious warning over eating the last ice cream sandwich - that's cold, man.
  • Your stomach is a lying bastard. Dave explains a curious study that measured satiety when the control group was served by waiters and the others had a self-refilling bowl.
  • Neuroskeptic has a very thorough post about the marketing of some antipsychotics when they are new, and just about as effective as previous treatments.

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