Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't know if you bishes have noticed that the comments at Jezebel have been all over the place in a totally illogical, random, non-sequitur, and combative manner. Sometimes I'm out of a post without commenting because dealing with the amount of FAIL in some particular comments is just too much.

I loved hanguing out in Jezebel because it was a place to talk to highly intelligent and motivated people about sensitive topics in a rational, and even amusing manner. Now, some people seem to target those posts to pick fights, engage in 'holier/leftier than thou' arguments with others, and randomly criticize political figures for totally unrelated shit.

So I may take a Jezebel hiatus. It makes me sad, because some of you bitches are awesome. You make my day with your wit, and with the ability of many of you to explain complex ideas from your fields of knowledge.

But screw it, I have massive amounts of studying to do and the awesome:wtf? comment ratio has decreased too much. I'm still hanging out with Jezzies in other places, like facebook, so if you're over there as well tell me so I can add you!

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  1. I've noticed. I don't even wade into the comments anymore, the majority of the time.