Thursday, April 30, 2009

Real message in a bottle

A Spanish sailor and his friend (José María Casi Ferrer and Jose Antonio Mayo)were sailing in Cabo Verde, finished drinking a bottle of wine, and decided to run a little experiment to see if they could communicate via message in a bottle. 2,709 miles later, the bottle was found by kids in a small key off the Ceiba shore in PR.
This would have made my year so badly if I were a kid! What's the probability of them finding a message in a bottle on their same language with a call back number? Well, the news got around both in PR and Galicia. Both the sailors and the kids were really happy and wanted to meet each other. But meanwhile, they have begun to exchange letters and pictures.

Here's the message:

The adventuring kids that found it

And the cool Spanish sailors


  1. WOW! they were so smart to put their contact information on the bottle. i totally never would have thought of that. haha

    how recently did the kids find the bottle? i can't believe it didn't sink to the bottom of the ocean since february 2008. . . and there's hardly any water damage on the parchment!

    very interesting. :)

  2. Especially when they'd just finished drinking that wine bottle, lol.
    The bottle was thrown on August 2,'08 (day/month in Spanish) and was found on April 19,'09 The kids were playing pirates, and went there because they had found a starfish the day before.
    I wish I'd found something more than pretty shells and rocks when I went beach-exploring. My inner child is most envious.

  3. Here's the newspaper article: